next stops on the office odyssey

But where are we going next? Where will this Extreme Telecommuting stuff take us? How will you know in which train station you should look for a really bad slack key guitar player? Easy, good people — just check back with this page every day. Then you’ll have the straight dope. The skinny. The lowdown. The poop. We’ll have dropped knowledge on you and it will be good.

We’re back “on the road” so to speak, telecommuting from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. This page is a bit of a leftover from the original ’97 Odyssey, back when the office was in a van and the van moved every day. But I just can’t bring myself to part with that sweet animated GIF up there. For the most part, our stakes will be firmly planted in the slightly extra-legal soil of Gitmo for the next year, but we are hoping for the odd side trip here and there, limited off-base flights willing.

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